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Hobbs Lake

Hobbs Lake was formed in 2011 when the quarry was transformed from a big hole in the ground into a fishery. In order to establish as a fishery, heavy machinery was needed to form the gradients, battering and shaping of the banks and to create gentle margins. The quarry was then flooded to allow the natural food supplies to build up and thrive.

At the beginning of 2013, Trout were introduced. We opened the lake to fly-fishing in March 2013 and were very pleased to have ‘Mr Angling’ himself, the late John Wilson MBE, hosting the day and showing everyone how to catch Trout. 

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Now, in 2023, the time has come to increase membership and set our stall out for the eventual merger of an extension to Hobbs Lake.

Our fish stocks are from a local supplier – Westacre Trout Farm. These fish are second to none, fully finned with sleek lines and muscular with an attitude – just put a hook in one to find out!

We are working on our own stocking strategy to balance the growth rate and catch rate; most of our members would rather catch one or two quality fish in a session than a dozen ‘stockies’ every time they turn up. It is a fine line between the two, but we firmly believe we are delivering and only add top-up stock when necessary. We also use the log-book and catch returns to indicate what is needed moving forward.

To make this fishery work properly, we now need you! We need good anglers who appreciate fishing in an area off the beaten track, at one with nature and lovely surroundings, who will work hard to catch fish. Giving accurate reports back will assist us in keeping Hobbs Lake Trout Fishery not only one of the biggest but also one of the best Trout fisheries in Norfolk.

Hobbs Lake Trout Fishery is not a ‘put n take’ venue, instead we endeavour to create a fishery which holds a good range of quality Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout which act naturally in their environment and thrive on the natural food supplies available. To achieve this naturalisation of the fish requires the correct strain of fish, the correct stocking levels and monitoring and actively practising ‘Catch & Release’ to allow fish to grow. Ultimately, this should create the whole fly-fishing experience for anglers who like to work for their fish and enjoy the success when everything comes together.  We believe we are very close to achieving this.

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